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Saturday, May 17, 2014

How I Developed My Characters in Cedar Woman - Part III

You have now met eight of the main characters in Cedar Woman.  If you are just now joining us, I would suggest you read Part I and Part II before proceeding – I think you will enjoy it.

Vickie Compton, ah memories.  Vickie is based on a woman named Martha.  She and her husband owned a small carryout in the neighborhood I grew up in the South End of Columbus.  She was a kind woman, childless, and she lost her beloved T.J. much too soon.  Once I left the South End, I never returned to visit her, something I regret to this day.  I developed Vickie around Martha to honor her.

Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau is a living, breathing, witty, charismatic woman whom I am proud to call sister, or Cuwayla (chew-way-lah – younger sister).  I introduce her to you all in Chapter Nine.  When describing her regalia, I have let Julie tell her own story.  She has also been tireless in reading every word of this novel to make sure that everything written within its pages is authentic and respectful.  She also added some delicious humor, but that’s the way my cuywayla is.

Michael Young Bear: you ladies will fall in love with him.  Michael is the only character not drawn from real life.  In truth, he is my fantasy man, and has been since I was quite young.  I promise you, ladies, you will sigh with delight when you meet Michael Young Bear.

Sonny Glass: sweet Sonny Glass.  I love this character with all of my heart.  Physically, he is based on one of the members of my adopted Lakota family.  His character and philosophies, are drawn from my brother.  I needed Sonny to stay the course, and I needed for him to be loyal and loving as well as extremely charming.  You will find this in Sonny Glass.

Tomorrow you will meet the last three on my list.  These are by no means the only characters in Cedar Woman, nor is the book overloaded with a large cast.

Remember to ask any questions or make any comments you wish to.

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