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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oh, Sweet Lord

Art by Guido Reni
17th Century

Oh, Sweet Lord

I wrote this song at age 24 while recovering from a near death experience. I recently had it produced by Nashville Song Service. I hope it uplifts you.

Monday, April 10, 2017

JC Aka Triple Threat -- The Dip It Challenge

Triple Threat In Da House

You go Triple T- JC Aka Triple Threat by Brian The Hammer Jackson

It's been a long week, I just interviewed a great guest on Thurs.  Fri morning came  6 AM PST, My mind wonders how can I give JC a great interview, I say that because I consider JC family which makes me just wanna have fun and your glad they came. The problem with that is you might miss an opportunity for JC to promote something, so you go in as if he is someone you don’t know and try to find out what’s he doing. You take away JC good looks, quick wit, Talent, what you have left? you still have one special dude with a will to make things better. 7A.M  is here fri morning it’s showtime, JC comes in the studio and you can feel the energy fill the studio up. ( My coffee even says: Damn I wish I had that energy) JC came on like a pro, He promoted his songs,tours, merchandise  which is cool.

JC aka Triple Threat 

But I wanted to go deeper, His fears his wants his flaws, JC came in with another Agenda, a passion he connected  himself with, A charity to help stop bullying, I tried to bait him by talking about I think bullying is a good thing, JC didn’t waver ignored my dumb ass and gave a true heartfelt answer. You can listen to the podcast by hitting the link Hammer & Ellen in the morning Triple Threat in The House.  JC came in as a  professional & left as family. What does he have when you take away his Good Looks Wit, & Talent? You got parents like Lady T Mr T and you still got one special dude.  Lady T (JC MOM) she is a shark, Sure she is sweet,looking all fashion model Ms Thang. She is a no nonsense business woman and she will let you know it if you step out of line. She also one of the most beautiful lady inside and out you will meet. What about (Mr.T) Now we are talking.  I ask Mr T have you seen the bad side of Lady T? He thought for a moment and said back in the 90’s ( I’m thinking you are a brave man and I will remember you at your funeral) He continued He said just  i saw just a bit a  little bit of her halo slipped….. Oh man…

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

It's Simple

Simply buy the eBook version of Circle of Time, download it, and forward to RedRoadBooks@aol.com your Amazon Proof of Purchase email. A link will be sent to you to enter on Rafflecopter to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. Drawing will be April 30. 

As an added bonus - the first 20 entrants will be reimbursed through PayPal!

Circle of Time

April 30, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EDST the winner will be announced here.

At that time, the next stage of the contest will be announced, so start polishing up those reviews.