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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How I Chose The Locations For Cedar Woman Part III

Keokuk Powwow
Lena and Michael’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio
Jo-Ann’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio
 Westerville home

Keokuk Powwow: In 2004, my son and I traveled to Keokuk, Iowa for our first powwow and for our Hunkapi and Wopila, or Making of Relatives and Thank you ceremonies.   When writing about the powwow in Cedar Woman, I drew from those memories and used them to describe Lena’s experience.

I particularly enjoyed the Broom Dance.  My son, Christopher, was the ugly man two years in a row and thoroughly enjoyed his roll this rollicking, fun filled dance.

Lena and Michael’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio:  This was the first home I bought myself.  I loved this condo and have placed Lena and Michael here.  To this day, I miss my condo.

Jo-Ann’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio:  shortly after Jo-Ann died, I wrote down my memories of that first day I came to her condo for our first night out together.  I wanted to remember that night in detail, to never lose it, and felt that it would be a good edition to the story.  I miss Jo-Ann a great deal and still mourn her.

Westerville Home: I have placed Lena in my home.  I have known great happiness here and felt that Lena belonged right here, in Westerville, in my house.  It is here that she heals, as in my own personal experiences.

Two more to go.  See you tomorrow.

Toksa Ake Wakan Tanka Nici Un - Walk With God.


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