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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Interview By Fiona McVie of Author's Interviews

It's nice to be on the other end.  Following is my interview with Fiona McVie.  Thank you so much, Fiona. I enjoyed being interviewed by you very much, and shall look in on others whom you have posted on your lovely blog.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Interview With The Scary Guy

Amazing interview with The Scary Guy.

The Scary Guy is an expert in determining the root causes of emotional experiences that manifest themselves throughout communication on an individual, group and global scale.

He is unique in his capacity to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds and his innovative programs are tailored for all age and education levels. Scary is a powerful motivational force, inspiring audiences to take pride in themselves, and join him in the reality of “eliminating hate, violence and prejudice worldwide.”

He teaches people to understand that they have the power to create change in their own world through taking full responsibility for all of their own behavior in the form of words and actions as Energy.

Vision Heart Limited with Kids Vision Heart, Inc. is on the leading edge of a new effort to eliminate hate violence and prejudice – teaching people how to teach love and acceptance, worldwide.
For years, nations have experienced the relentless growth of “The World’s Number One Social Disease; Hate, Violence and Prejudice,” which Scary describes as an insidious disease, polarizing our youth and societies and precluding us from achieving the true potential of our common humanity.

His sole mission is “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide.”  These were the first words that Scary spoke when he began his mission in 1998. Since that day, Scary has worked with over 10 million people through Television, film, radio, social media and live shows around the world promoting peace through the teaching of Love and Acceptance of all people. His audience consists of both youth and adults on an individual, community and society level, unaware of how they are using negative energy to meet their needs. (Scary, add your credit here)

Today I am interviewing The Scary Guy.  Scary is a very busy man, and I am greatly honored that he has taken the time to allow me to have him as a guest here today.  Before we begin, I’d like to share a quote from him:

“The power to create World Peace resides in each and every one of us – a process of creation, from the moment you wake-up until the moment you go to bed at night. It is your power, your choice and your responsibility to create that peace for you in all of your thoughts, words, actions and deeds every day of your life.” - The Scary Guy 1998

Scary writes classical music, is an artist a singer an entertainer and comedian.

In 1998 he changed his name to The Scary Guy, and went on the road to show people how to achieve world peace in their lifetime.
Listen now to his interview: