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Monday, May 19, 2014

How I Chose the Locations for Cedar Woman - Part I

Another fun part of writing a book is choosing your locations.  With the exception of the Galapagos Islands In Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams, and the Rosebud Reservation in Cedar Woman, I prefer to use those which I am familiar with.

Here are some of the key locations in Cedar Woman

Cedar Woman Restaurant
The City of Westerville
Rosebud Reservation
The Countryman Farm
May Hill, Ohio
Front Street Apartment, Columbus, Ohio
Columbus City Center
Vickie’s Restaurant
Keokuk Powwow
Lena and Michael’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio
Jo-Ann’s condo, Short North, Columbus, Ohio
Westerville home
Carsonie’s Restaurant, Westerville
Boy Ladd’s Apartment, Westerville

To begin, I will share with you my choice for Cedar Woman’s restaurant, the City of Westerville, the Rosebud Reservation, and the Countryman Farm.

Cedar Woman’s Restaurant:  the history of the building is spot on.  This beautiful, old matriarch, were she a woman, would be a grande dame.  Graceful, elegant, she dominates the corner of North State and Main.

February 2006, Old Bag of Nails moved in.  Westerville, once known as “the dry capital of the world,” approved the sale of alcohol and restaurants like the Old Bag soon moved in.

I chose this building to be the location for Cedar Woman’s restaurant for two reasons: I know the building from top to bottom because I was a frequent visitor when it was the Calico Cupboard.  I’ve been on every floor and know the lay out. In addition, I wanted a room with doors facing the North and the West for reasons explained in the book.

The City of Westerville: I have been a resident for 27 years and have come to love this town deeply.  it is now my home town.  I came here as a bride, built a marriage with my husband, adopted our deeply loved son, and have received much love and care from my friends here.

To make it even better, it is a beautiful town, and one that I feel blessed to have found this oasis.

Rosebud Reservation:  I have not had the honor to visit this rez, but have seen many pictures and documentaries about it.  My sister Julie helped me with the brief, but very important part of the plot, descriptions of the bus station, roads and the type of house which, in 1955, Reva would probably live in.

The Countryman farm:  my family’s ancestral farm.  It is exactly as I described it in chapter two and other chapters of the book.  My uncle Dean resides there now, so I am still able to drive up the gravel road to one of the most beloved homes in my life.

In chapter five I describe a location on the farm – watch for it.  The flat stone where Nellie places her and Dean’s lunch is the very rock I used to sit on many years ago, to meditate and pray.  I consider it to be my rock; my special gift. Whenever I’m stressed or upset, I mediate and go back to that pasture, that stream and that rock to ease my soul.

Tomorrow I will discuss four more of the locations.  All interesting and all dear to me.

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