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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Feelings About Angel Lost - Marilyn Meredity

Writing Angel Lost was so much fun. The story is very different from any of the other books in the series. Much of the story comes from Officer Stacey Wilbur’s point of view who is finalizing the plans of her wedding to Detective Doug Milligan. She’s given the job of catching a flasher who is targeting women jogging on the beach. Thoughts of the coming wedding take her mind of the task at hand.

Stacey and Doug’s romance has grown through the last books in the series and the only roadblock seems to be moving Doug’s renter, Officer Gordon Butler out of Doug’s house so Stacey and her son can move in.

Meanwhile, an angel has appeared in a downtown store window drawing larger and larger crowds to the scene each night. Officer Zachary and the new guy, Officer Vaughn Aragon are assigned to keep the peace. Though they don’t realize it, they have something in common.

Though all the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novels are mysteries, my main goal has always been to show how the job affects the family and what goes on with the family affects the job and that is something that truly influences Angel Lost.

The angel in the window was inspired by something that actually happened in a neighboring town. In fact, for several weeks on my way to and from my writing critique group, I drove past the crowds around a store window where people saw the image of an angel. Finally it was figured out that a reflection from a light across the street was responsible. You’ll have to read Angel Lost to find out about the angel I wrote about.

Angel Lost is available from Amazon under the name F.M. Meredith and from my website if you’d like an autographed copy.   http://fictionforyou.com

Marilyn Meredith