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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Christopher Meets Buddy

I am proud, and relieved to tell the truth, to announce the launching of "Christopher Meets Buddy."


This book is dedicated to the late Michael Burke, owner of the
Yahoo groups Tielchatter and Tielfriends for 16 years.
Michael loved his birds and was dedicated to the proper
care of our winged companions.
He is most definitely the inspiration for the writing of this story.

And to

Bilbo Baggins, PippinOz, Arwen Evenstar, Joe Blue, Tom Bombadil and Layla

And to Beau
A prince among parrots

For those who have never danced.. some simple tips to follow if you plan on participating...(from hard lessons learned)

1. Be there on-time.. They won't be waiting for you cause your late.. if grand entry is at 12:00... the latest is 10 minutes maybe unless an announcement is made that the time has been changed.

2. Get there as early as you can.. because at some events, before you dance you have to register and get your dancer number (the card you see on dancers with the bold black numbers on it). The Arena Director will be checking when you go into grand entry that you have your number attached.

3. Don't leave home without your Tribal ID and Cash Money if required.. if you plan to dance.. That is what you will need to register. They won't take Debit or Credit Cards..

4. Make sure u have an emergency sewing kit.. never know if there will be a seam, button, or bead that loosens and wants to fall off, something rips, tears, gets caught in something..

5. Bobby pins, safety pins... have them handy you never know..

6. When time for Grand Entry you will have to line up in your category... for women always starts with Women's Traditional White Leather, Women's Traditional Leather, Cloth, then on to Fancy Shawl and Jingle.. The proper thing is the ladies are to line up from oldest to youngest..but not always followed. Northern style almost always leads.

7. If the pow-wow is a competition Pow-wow you do not have to compete and just dance if you want to. You do have a choice.

8. Everyone who is a Veteran, Tribal or not /Registered or Not..is invited into the circle to dance. Others who have a family member who is in or was a vet are also welcome to dance...

9. Make sure you bring plenty of water for hydration cause it can get hot out there. Pre-hydrate as much as possible.

Hope this helps some folks.. good to know.. If anyone can think of some
more please add to this list..

Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau