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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


You asked me
the other day,
what I would like
for Valentine’s Day.

My answer is simple,
and straight to the truth…
for Valentine’s Day,
I want only you.

You spend the whole year
doing things just for me:
you fill my tank,
my windshields are clean.

You lift heavy loads
you don’t want me to try,
you remind me daily,
that you are my guy.

So, for this Valentine’s Day,
I promise, my dear –
the fridge will be stocked
with your favorite beer,

Cheetos in bowls,
slippers on your feet,
me beside you
to make it complete.

I know you will come home
with flowers and wine,
and a beautiful card
to tell me you’re mine.

You’ll have reservations
to a lovely restaurant,
but let me tell you, my love,
what I really want.

A strong arm around me,
you by my side
for the next fifty years –
the rest of our lives.

Your beautiful smile,
when you walk in the door,
that tells me you’ve missed me
as much, if not more,

than I have missed you
through the course of the day.
You’re finally home!
Kiss me right away!

It’s Valentine’s Day
the entire year through,
so on the fourteenth, my sweet darling,
I want only you.

©2009 Debra Shiveley Welch

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