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Monday, July 3, 2017

Is this a Test, or an Act of Betrayal?

Recently my doctor informed me that I am a walking time bomb. I have cirrhosis, caused by a faulty enzyme which prohibits my liver from ridding my body of excess iron. The condition which causes this anomaly is called Hemochromatosis, and is an inherited disease of the blood found in persons of northern European descent. I’m 57% Irish. Here is my story:

My first memory of Michael, or Mikha’el, is at age two. Some would call him my guardian angel; others may call him a spirit or guide. Regardless of our relationship, he has been with me my entire 64 years of this lifetime. Yes, this lifetime; I remember four previous existences.

In 1812, I died at age 16 from an act of betrayal. In 1890 at 18 from, yes, an act of betrayal and in 1862 in my late 20s or early 30s  by the same act. I also lived in the 1930s and died as a young woman, but have not yet been able to dredge up the specifics of that lifetime.

So here I am again. Born in 1952, I almost died as a six-month fetus when my mother caught on fire while pregnant for me, at two months from a fractured skull, and again at four months for the same reason. At age 24 I actually died from a bleed out caused by multiple stomach ulcers, and almost died in 2012 from cirrhosis caused by my disease, and again in 2013 of the same cause. Each time I obviously survived, but now at 64, I’m told that I could die any day.

Back to Mikha’el. I have understood since age two that I would live this lifetime into my nineties. It was a promise made to me, a promise which I understood and embraced even at such a young age, and I have lived my life accordingly by planning for a long life, both spiritually and financially. Now it looks like that promise is about to be taken back.

As stated above, I have lived three, and possibly four, past lifetimes wherein I died by betrayal. In this lifetime, I have once again faced the same challenge as in the past, this time at the hands of my parents. But in this life, I have survived it, risen above it, and turned my life around to one of contentment and even happiness, and herein lies my question.

What do you believe? Has the universe, in effect, betrayed me and changed the span of my life, or do you believe that this is yet another challenge? That is, do you believe that the Universe is testing me, or honing me by giving me this task as perhaps an act of faith in the attempt to strengthen my soul and prepare it for my next journey?

Before you answer, I would like to share one more thing with you. I have prophetic dreams, and a few weeks ago, this is what was sent to me:

I was standing on a curb preparing to cross a very wide street. I backed up a couple of steps and leapt, legs horizontal to the ground or, in ballet terms, in a Grand Jeté. I’m exhillerated as I “fly” across the street to the curb on the opposite side, but land just a few feet short of my goal. It is then that I notice a friend standing on the curb. “You didn’t quite make it this time, Deb.” I smile, agree, and we begin to walk along the street, looking in various shop windows and talking.

So, what do you think? What is your opinion? Please no disrespectful replies. I am sincere and truly would like to know what you think: is this a test, or an act of betrayal?

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