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Friday, August 26, 2016

Spotted Eagle Horse

Spotted Eagle Horse

She stands,
Proud in her regalia.
Sacred dress
From memories made.

Passed down
From grandmother bequeathed,
Reminding her
From whence she came.

Ribbons worn
In black, white, and red:
Symbols of warriors
Their deaths obscured.

Brave men
Riding to the end
Of the universe, on
The wings of the Thunderbird

Precious blood
Spilt on foreign soil
To fight for land once theirs,
Now of buffalo laid bare.

Proudly worn
Two lightning strikes endured
Represented with artist’s care.

Her regalia,
Her story tells,
Of her people – her life:
Rez born in South Dakota,

She is the heartbeat
of her tribe.
Representative of The People,
Woman of the Lakota.

Library of Congress ©1016 Debra Shiveley Welch

As see in Swinging Bridge http://goo.gl/vn9324

Book 2 of the Cedar Woman Saga: Spirit Woman http://goo.gl/hQmGwl 

Book 1 of the Cedar Woman Saga: Cedar Woman http://goo.gl/ajbBfK

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