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Thursday, January 30, 2014

If The World Were New Again

If the world were new again
The air would smell fresh and sweet,
But I would be on the lookout,
For gigantic Mammoth……poop.

All of my food would be fresh,
Each root and fruit a surprise,
I would feast on bison burgers,
But without my curly fries.

I would draw all of my pictures
On the walls of my cave-rnous home,
And when I wanted a new sofa,
I would have to haul in stone.

My garments would be hand made,
I would not shop for what I wear,
I would simply send my man out
To kill a big cave bear.

Our clothing would be simple,
Sewn together with deer bone.
I would sew, cook, and watch the kids,
In my “cozy,” new world home.

Every day I would be a grillin’,
Bobby Flay would be so proud.
No “Kiss the Chef” for hubby.
Only women are allowed.

I would butcher meat, raise the kids,
Forage and scrape hides.
Tan elk skins with deer brains
And put winter food aside.

I would work nonstop from dawn to dusk
Just to keep my people alive.
Guarding my children from the fire,
And hoping that they would thrive.

And when the sun would finally set
At the end of a long, hard day,
I would freshen up the fire,
To keep wild beasts at bay.

I would snuggle down in my furs,
Beneath which bug-ridden grasses lay,
Drawing my small family near,
And then I would………….. WAIT!!!

Thank God, this was just a daydream!  Where is the control to my electric blanket?

©Debra Shiveley Welch - 2009

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