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Monday, September 26, 2011

My Big Fat Cedar Woman Give Away

Click  to Vew Book Trailer

Now is the time to participate in my

Big Fat Cedar Woman Giveaway!


The rules are simple.

Buy a copy of Cedar Woman and begin to read. Cedar Woman is available through Amazon and Barns&Noble. Use the comment feature below to register simply by posting somthing like, "I'm in," and emailing me privately at DebraSWelch@aol.com with the first sentence of chapter one.

I will announce a week ahead of when the contest will begin.

There will be a prize for every chapter. Each prize is of the same value, or more, as the book.

A question will be asked from each chapter. Those who answer correctly (through private email to me) will be put into a hat and the winner drawn.

Good luck!

Prizes include authentic Native American jewelry complete with certificates of authenticity

An authentic powwow shawl
Native American hair ornament
A new, never opened Logitech Web Cam

And more.

The prize for chapter one will be a set of Nigella Lawsons measuring cups. A $35.00 value.
Nigellia's cups small

  • Practical and attractive measuring cups
  • Set of 4 different sized cups
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of tactile stoneware
  • Cup sizes - 250 ml, 125 ml, 80 ml and 60 ml
  • A $35.00 value!

I also use them as prep bowls and vessels for holding condiments.

Sign up today for my Big Fat Cedar Woman Giveaway!


  1. Count me in on this giveaway, Debra! I just ordered Cedar Woman!

  2. So, if I am in, do I need to send the first sentence of the first chapter?
    Ducking and running now!

  3. Nany nany nany! Heh heh heh! Love you sis! I changed my name to confuse you since you decided to drop YOURSELF on your head!

  4. Since you are in the book....yeah! LOLOL

  5. Everyone, allow me to introduce to you my sister, my friend and my consultant on "Cedar Woman." Northern Plains Powwow Woman is Spotted Eagle Horse, a woman of the Lakota, and my beloved sister.

  6. Great to finally be introduced to you, Spotted Eagle Horse. I've heard much about you over the years, from Debra, all good, of course!